Things Expected From You as a Wedding Photographer

An initial client discussion meeting between wedding photographer and clients.

wedding photographyYou will never really be able to successfully and efficiently cover your job as a wedding photographer if you don’t have a good long talk with your clients to set the record straight and so that you can start on planning things out for the wedding day shoot. Although this is mainly your domain as a wedding photographer, you still need to ensure that the clients are brought in and looped in on the conceptualization process of the entire project. After all, it is their wedding. They hired you as a wedding photographer which means that at least all throughout the duration of the coverage, they are your bosses.

Bring in what you do best.

Bring in originality and a fresh perspective but make sure that you are always able to run things by the clients all of the time. The client discussion or meeting is also a great way for you to find out what their expectations and requirements are. This is a good way for you to start managing their expectations and to lay down some basics on how your professional wedding photographer services will pan out for them. Go through everything in the most detailed way possible so that you don’t circle back to the clients every now and then. The more independently you can work as a wedding photographer, the better it will be in terms of fluidity and efficacy.

Creation of a must-have shot list of important moments during the wedding.

This is something that a lot of brides and wedding photographers fight over about and this is something that you should try to set straight in the soonest possible time.

Talk to the clients and ask them to list down the most important and absolutely crucial moments during the wedding.

Let them know that as a wedding photographer, you will be focusing on that must-have shot list all throughout the event. As for the rest of the other shots and side shots that need to be taken and covered for as well, assign those to your second shooter. You will end up spreading yourself too thin if you try to go ahead and do everything yourself. If you can show up at the wedding with a team along with you, it would be even better. Make sure that you keep the list close and that you tick things off as you progress in your coverage during the wedding. This is so that you don’t end up missing out on anything and so that the bride has nothing to hold against you by the end of the shoot.

A clear and convincing price quote for professional wedding photographer services.

When you are giving out a total price, make it a point to give out a breakdown as well so that you will be able to help clients understand one way or the other why you have arrived at that particular pricing. This is just to assure them that you are not conjuring figures out of thin air and that you have actually studied the figures before you quoted them as a wedding photographer Cheshire

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