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What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Photography Yorkshire?

wedding photography YorkshireJust like most crafts that require ingenuity, wedding photography Yorkshire is one profession that allows partakers express their own form of creativity. This particular brand of creativity is what has led to different niches in the art that is called wedding photography. The various types of wedding photography are given different names based on their intended purpose.

The categorizing of these types of wedding photography are not strict as each type of photography draws inspiration from the other. Often times, you may even find that they blend. However, if you are looking forward to hiring the expert services of a photographer for your special event or you seek to become one yourself, it is important that you inform yourself on the various styles that exist.

They are:

  • Traditional Wedding Photography

Before the turn of the 18th century, most wedding albums comprised of the standard posed traditional images. You have shots of the bride and groom and also group shots with family members and close friends. Let’s not forget the cutting of the cake and the first dance among other things.

What is particular about the traditional shots is the fact that the photographer needs to be active and direct the couple and their guests to pose. A major requirement is that the photographer be confident as this type of photography requires that you take charge.

  • Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

A mixture of the story telling journalism approach and the reportage style. The setting of this style of photography is informal as the photographer strives to tell a story of the wedding day from the beginning to the end. In the wedding album, you are likely to see behind the scene pictures of the bride and groom getting dressed, surrounded by family members, activities of guests as they wait for the wedding to commence etc.

This form of wedding photography Yorkshire is not often posed for. Rather, the photographer expends a lot of creativity in trying to tell the story of the day. It also requires the photographer to be skillful as there will be a lot of angling involved, adjustment of the camera lens, aiming, framing and shooting to get the right setting for the images.

Another component of this style of photography is the shooting of candid moments. The photographer captures the moment as they occur from his position and does not direct the movements as in traditional style.

  • Natural Wedding Photography

No camera light or artificial light sources. Just the photographer, camera and the light coming from the sun amongst other natural elements. This style of photography is best used in outdoor weddings as only then can you get quality images unaided.

If the sun is too harsh or non-existing, the photographer might have difficulties in shooting great images and this is where the skill and creativity of the photographer is put to the test. However, with the right balance, aperture and lens, the prospect of getting the images you desire is realistic.

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