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Wedding Photography Makeup Pointers You Can Try

wedding photography makeupBe brave enough to try the liquid eyeliner

This may be something that can seem daunting at first but when you think about it, wedding photography does not take too well to subtlety. What you are looking out for is something that is bold and something that has a bit of an impact the moment the images come out in the photos. Although there is some huge doubt that you will be asked to do the makeup bit while you are at the same time required to cover the photography aspect of things, it still helps a lot if you go with something that makes a bit of a statement. The pencil eye liner may actually look great the moment that it gets applied but it does not last very long. It is not the most durable way to go. As you may well know, weddings last extremely long and can sometimes even drag on for hours on end so you will need something that can withstand elements such as sweat, humidity, the weather, and so on and so forth.

Be a bit bolder with the shade of blush at some point

Brighter is not always such a bad thing for as far as wedding photography is concerned. Being just a little too tame on the blush will leave the bride looking pale and washed out and that is not the kind of look that you are basically going for with the bride. The reason why there is even such a term such as “the blushing bride” is because of the fact that blushing actually works well with the bride at some point. The right kind of shade of blush is something that will really come out looking great in the photos. You are looking for something that looks great when the flash hits the bride’s face. You will want something that can get to sculpt the cheekbones and make it more prominent than it actually is.

Wedding photography is all about basically highlighting the highest points of the bride’s face and making the shadows sink in deeper than they really are. It is not going as far as the point to claiming that makeup is magic and all smokes and mirrors but a little bit of magic goes a long way.

Learn how to work with the lip liner

Again, since this is photography, definition is technically everything. Most people do not like lip liner but it is actually extremely useful. It is also surprisingly durable as well. If you want the bride’s lip color to pretty much stay the same and not fade out or completely disappear by the end of the day, the best solution for you to go with is to have her lips outlined and then filled in. After that, you can get the lipstick swiped on. It is a trick as old as time and it is something that makes the lip color last for a really long time despite all that food, toasting, and kissing.