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Wedding Photography Makeup Tricks That Look Great In Photos

wedding tipsStart your wedding photography makeup repertoire with some primer.

This is probably something that you will not realize right immediately especially if you do not have the knack for makeup and all of that girlie stuff. The primer will serve as your base. It works well in blending your complexion so that you do not end up with a botchy skin tone. They also work great for when you want to have less visible pores. A great primer is a great investment.

Do not neglect your neck.

Most brides usually forget the fact that it’s not just their face that matters. The neck is also something that is pretty visible in the photos. Do not neglect the neck when you are putting on some foundation.

Mix some foundation and concealer up before you start dabbing them under your eyes.

Yes, in case you are wondering, there is indeed such a case called reverse raccoon eyes. Mixing up the shades a bit will make sure that you come up with a color that is blendable and will not pop out as something too bright when the photos are being taken. This has happened all too often and you do not want to see it in your pictures.

Learn how to contour.

A little bit of contouring can really go a long way. You can ask Kim Kardashion all about that. But seriously, contouring helps frame your face. It deepens the shadows in your face and highlights the more prominent and flattering areas. This looks great in wedding photography because it gives you a little more dimension that usual. It does not need to be anything overdone and overly dark. A few swipes and a few blending strokes should do the trick.

Always have some powder handy for the shiny areas of your face.

A compact powder kit is your best friend. You have to understand that weddings are usually pretty long events and they can take hours. Then you also have the other elements to worry about such as the heat, the nervousness, and sometimes even the weather. If you are prone to oily skin, you need a little fixup kit so you can retouch your oily t-zone every now and then.

Take care of your eyebrows.

Eyebrows can really improve the way your bone structure turns out looking like in the photos so make sure that you do not ever forget to them. Darken them a little but go through the motions of still making them look natural. A nice taupe colored eye shadow and a stiff angled brush should do the trick for you.

Liquid eyeliner is your best friend.

If this is not your thing and you prefer the pencil eyeliner, you should probably rethink your options. Liquid eyeliner lasts longer and they never smudge. Pencil liners have the nasty habit of smudging your look especially for events that take up about half the day.

Dare to go for a slightly brighter shade of blush.

Although it may be true that less is more, than is not the case when it comes to blushes. You want to go with something that slightly pops out and highlights your cheekbones. Wedding photography is tricky but you can work it out just fine with these makeup tricks.