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How a Wedding Photographer Can Fix the Issue with Improper Focus

wedding photographyA tip that you should take note of when it comes to taking great and crisp looking pictures whenever you have weddings to cover as a wedding photographer is to get your focus game down pat. Believe it or not, sharpness issues are far more common than you would think. A wedding photographer would usually have about 8-10% of his photos  have some kind of issue with clarity at some point or so. Even the really seasoned wedding photographers Los Angeles out there come across this issue as well every now and then. The main culprit of blurred photos or photos that don’t really come out as sharp as you would like them to is when the wedding photographer is not really that exact with his focusing.

Put focus on the eyes..

A basic and fundamental trick that you should apply all of the time is to attempt to put the focus on the eyes of the subject all of the time. This will stabilize the camera sensor the moment that you click the button and go in for that sharp shot. This is for cameras that automatically set the focus. However, the less high end cameras tend to come in with certain requirements. As a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you get to learn how to manually focus the point of the camera as well. Read up on it as much as you can. There are so many photography courses and workshops out there that will teach you a thing or to about that. If not, the internet is always a treasure trove of knowledge and info for as long as you know what you are looking for and how to look it up.

Avoid recomposing frequently.

Another common cause of improper focusing that every wedding photographer is usually guilty of is the method of constantly recomposing the scene before finalizing the shot. This can be quite common especially when you are shooting landscapes, buildings, or inanimate objects wherein you don’t really have eyes that you can use as your focus points for the composition of your shots. This is the aspect of the wedding photographer holding the shutter button down only halfway and not all the way and then he proceeds to recompose the focus point because it is a bit unstable. The moment that he goes in to push the shutter button all the way down, when the finger slips a little, it causes the camera to shake or vibrate a little bit and it can take everything off focus. This causes pictures that look dull and at times just down right dull. This is unacceptable for your clients if you are a professional wedding photographer and that is why you need to be painfully aware of this all of the time.

Invest in a tripod

You can fix this improper focus issue by making sure that you don’t upset the equilibrium or the balance of the camera all throughout the time that you are taking your shots. Invest in a tripod if you have particularly shaky hands so that you at least get some kind of assistance in stabilizing your camera when it all comes down to it.

Tripod Missteps Made In Event Photography

tripod benefitsTripods are extremely helpful when it comes to the event photography field. They are absolute requirements and event photographers out there just cannot afford to not have it with them when they are covering their own events. A tripod is probably one of the most important accessories that you can invest in after your main camera and gear. It is something that can be extremely convenient to have around. It can be set up in a matter of seconds. It is something that is fairly easy to bring around with you because it comes with a sling-like bag (most times). However, in event photography, it is also one of the most misused items in the book. If you want things to pretty much be smooth sailing for you and for your photo shooting experience, read up on a few common event photography missteps taken here.

Extending the center column

Most experts in event photography usually make the mistake of extending the center column before they even extend the legs all the way through. Although it may be a given fact that the center columns that tripods come along with is something that is meant to be extended for the purposes of elevated height, it is not exactly meant to be the first thing to be extended if you need a little elevation for your camera. Extending the center column a bit more would mean that you are risking a less stable plat form for your camera and that is something that you might want to delay as much as possible. Extend the legs all the way out first and if after that, you find that you still do not have the kind of elevation that you need, that is the time that you touch the center column. Do this with caution though because center columns are really tricky to deal with one way or the other.


A lot of the tripods out there usually come with a spirit level that is pretty much built into the tripod’s shoulders. This will in turn make sure that you are able to get your camera properly balanced and so that you get to have the best kind of proportions for the images that you are able to take. It also doubles in making sure that your tripod is always properly balanced at some point. This is to make sure that your tripod is something that is firmly planted on the ground and that it will firmly support your camera. Make sure that this is something that you actually get to check so that you will more or less secure your camera at all times. Just the slightest kink in the angle can have your camera crashing down and that is not something that any expert in event photography should be willing to risk.

Tripods are extremely helpful to you and to your event photography craft and should be something that you are able to really use properly. All of the slightest missteps along the way may mean damage to your equipment or gear and that should be something that you should avoid and take note of at all times.