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Common Tripod Mistakes Wedding Photographers Commit

tripod mistakesPurchasing flimsy tripod

Most wedding photographers make the mistake of investing in a flimsy tripod due to the fact that when they are starting out, they are usually strapped for cash more often than not. If this is something that you find yourself stuck in at some point, what you need to understand well ahead of time is the fact that penny pinching at this point will not do anything for you and for the onset of your career as a professional wedding photographer London one way or the other. If you are a bit strapped for cash to get yourself a high quality and sturdy tripod as a part of your wedding photography gear collection, then you might as well wait it out until you are able to pool enough funds for you to make that one great tripod buy. If you have a wedding photography gig right before you are able to make that buy for a tripod, then try to ask around from your fellow photography friends if it would be possible for you to borrow or at least rent one out because the point of the matter is that you will need a tripod, period.

Leaving tripod behind

Another tripod mistake that wedding photographers make is that they leave the tripod behind at home, thinking that they might never need it during the wedding photography coverage. Again, we go back to the fact that when it all comes down to it, you will need a tripod for your wedding photography gigs. There is nothing worse than having a perfectly great and high quality tripod for your camera then deciding to just ditch it at the very last minute just because you had a hunch (an incorrect one) that you will not need it at all. If you think that the tripod will be too bulky for you to technically bring around during the actual wedding event, then just go for something that is built for easy transport instead. This is something that can technically cost something a little more than the usual, it is something that will be worth every additional dollar.

Reaching center column first

A lot of wedding photographers also go through the all too common blunder of reaching for the center column of the tripod first the first instance that they need some sort of elevation for their camera angle. More often than not, you will find out that there will be times wherein you will require some kind of elevation for your camera angle. The center column of your tripod is technically the weakest possible part in a tripod device. If you need some kind of elevation, it should not be the very first thing that you should reach for to adjust. You should seriously work on extending the legs of the tripod first before touching the center column at all. If you have gotten all of the elevation that you could possibly get out of the legs of the tripod, that should be the only time that you proceed to touching the center column of the tripod. It is one of the trickiest things to balance so proceed with caution as much as possible.