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Ask These Questions to Your Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer

Northern Ireland wedding photographerBefore hiring your Northern Ireland wedding photographer, you have to make sure that you have asked all the questions that you want to ask. But way before that, you need to make sure you have the list of questions that you want to ask.

And because we know that many people don’t really have a list of questions, to begin with nor do they know where o start, we are here to help. Start with these questions and expand on with things that you want to know more about the photographer.


Ask the photographer’s photography experience and if they have done other genre of photography before. For example, maybe the photographer had long experience of doing portrait or fashion photography. The longer it is the better, obviously. However, make sure that those experiences have anything to do with portrait because they are relevant to wedding photography still.


Ask the photographer’s style of preference because you want him to shoot the pictures in a way that you want. Different photographers have different style even though they might be similar, so you need to get a clearer image of what they are. One way to do that is by looking through their portfolios and ask to be shown an album of their works.


Most photographers mention their achievement when asked about their experience. But if they don’t, you can ask about it separately. Participating in classes, training and competitions show that they are particular about getting better. They are eager to get better and keep track of the latest trend in wedding photography.

Northern Ireland wedding photographer

This is a tricky question because the answer is going to be different every time. You want to know why does the photographer think he’s a choice you need to take. Why is he better than other photographers you met? This will force the photographer to spill out his strength and possibly, the weaknesses of other photographers.

Not sure who to ask?

If you’ve been reading halfway and not sure who you want to ask, no worries! We have a really good recommendation for a Northern Ireland wedding photographer from Michael Love Photography.

Work frequency

A good wedding photographer will not let himself be overwhelmed with works. It’s not just bad for himself; it will affect his performance and your wedding pictures. A good photographer will then make sure to work on just enough weddings every year. A good number can vary between photographer depending on whether they work alone and if they do other types of photography.

Extra fees

This is a sensitive topic and we know a lot of couples who didn’t end their relationship with their photographer in a good way because of this. They did not realize that charges are made for extra requests that have been stated in the contract. Clarify this from the beginning to avoid such incidents.

Sometimes, we like the style of a Northern Ireland wedding photographer so much, we are willing to forgo the weaknesses he showed. But don’t let this skew your judgment because, in the end, it might result in a long-term disappointment!