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Food Photography Tips: Make Your Food The Star

Use a white plate for the presentation food photography tips

In food photography, presentation can really make or break the photos that you will eventually be able to produce. That is the main reason why it is very important for you to make sure that you get to start things right one way or the other. A white plate is the most neutral and the most classic base for you to be able to showcase your food in. It does not provide any kind of distraction so you are quite rest assured in the fact that your food will come out looking like the star that it really is in your food photography session. This is also the main reason why restaurants, caterers, and other professional food servers out there prefer the classic white plate over pretty much anything else.

It can show the food off as it is without making it all look too busy and distracting. This should also be your kind of preference for your food photography project. On top of that, white plates also tend to work extremely well with back light, which is the usual lighting of choice for food photography in general.

Keep the plate clean at all times

If there is one thing that you should seriously learn from the food stylists out there, it would have to be the fact that presentation is one of the most tedious and the most meticulous art forms out there. Although it would be going overboard to advise you to arrange the food that you are taking photos of with tweezers at some point or so, you should at least exert enough efforts to make sure that you go well out of your way to make sure that they sides of the plate looks clean and free from any sauce stains or spillages of any kind. Having stains on the sides of the plate makes the food look unappetizing and more than that, it takes the attention away from the food altogether. Sure, you can just photoshop it out of the picture during the post shoot processing but when it all comes down to it, why go through all of that trouble when you can pretty much correct things right then and there? Don’t be lazy. Grab a napkin or so and give your plate a good swipe before you set up to take photos of the food.

Showcase the fresh side of things

Food is a science as well as an art form but if there is something that you will need to manage your expectations with well ahead of time for as far as food photography is concerned, it would have to be the fact that perfection is next to impossible. You can opt for the second best thing though and aim for near-perfect aesthetics. Focus on the angle of the plate that tends to make the food come out looking fresher than ever. You may even go through the extends of giving the fruit or vegetable skin a quick brush of olive oil to make it glisten a little and make it look a little more camera friendly at the end of the day.