Newborn Photography Props to Get You Started

newborn photography propsNewborn photography is probably one of the most fun and adorable legs of photography out there. Even if this is not the niche that you may have initially signed up for at some point, believe it or not, there will be clients who will ask for it one way or the other. Although it is something that is not as hard as wedding photography or sports photography, it still comes with its fair share of challenges and difficulties that you would need to get over with and tackle. One thing that can seriously help you out in smoothing over to the newborn photography Calgary transition, it would have to be the use of props. Props are fun and exciting to have in a photo shoot and they can sometimes be that interesting pop color that will really get to complete the perfect photo composition. Here are a few basics about props to get you started if this is something that you are fairly new to at some point.


Wraps are the best ways to start. They are versatile and lightweight. More importantly, they are something that you can get just about anywhere and everywhere. The reason why wraps are perfect for newborn photography is because newborn babies love being wrapped or swaddled. They have not acclimated yet to the fact that they are already in the outside world and no longer in their mother’s womb so they still need that sort of embracing security of being tightly wrapped at some point. They do not like to have their hands and feet hanging out. Go for colorful wraps that are made of gauze because they are the softest. They also work well as an alternative to clothing for the babies.


Blankets are also a great addition to the mix of props that you should come up with. There are so many colors and so many fabrics to choose from that the choices can be quite dizzying and exciting at the same time. Go for blankets that are rich when it comes to texture and those that are quite soft to the touch at some point. Babies are extremely sensitive and they are also quite prone to chafing so try your best to keep that in mind when you are shopping around for blankets. Go for those blankets that you can easily wash and dry because you will be doing this after each and every single use. You will want something that does not require so much maintenance.

Faux furs

Faux furs also make a great addition to the set of props that you can start out with. They photograph really well and can be really soft to the touch. They are also quite versatile. You can use them as blankets, flooring, or as cushion for when you put the baby inside crates, baskets, and so on and so forth. You can choose from a wide assortment of them either online or from different stores. There are so many colors and designs to choose from and the best part of it all is that they come really cheap.

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