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5 Flowers Non-Botanical Experts Can Use as Wedding Flower Bouquet

wedding flowersThe time has come for you to seriously think what kind of flower bouquet you want for your wedding. I know, we all know, that most of the time we don’t know the name of like 99% existing flower species, except for roses, sunflowers and maybe daisies and lilacs. We are thrown into confusion when face with the question: What kind of wedding flowers do you want?

That is why we have compiled here 5 beautiful, trending flowers with its pros and possible cons and availability throughout the year!


These flowers have soft, fluffy look with tender colors. They come in various colors from pure white to red and yellow. Although you may have heard of black peony, the real color of those is deep red blood color like a rose. They have become the trend lately and my personal favorite to see in pastel themed dresses and parties!


Due to its nature of growing in cold lands, peony is available for a short 2 to 3 months in the market. Although there are cultivars that may grow them all-year-long, peonies require sun to bloom, which means that there’s a possibility it won’t bloom.

Baby’s breath

Cute, small baby’s breath is gaining a huge fandom in the wedding flowers section. They make great carnation flowers and are pretty affordable, considering how it looks very beautiful with any dress and especially for your bridesmaid bouquet.


Although they are pretty and odorless in small amount, baby’s breath in huge amount will result in… baby’s breath, literally. The reason that flower has been called so is not because of its size, but sour milk smell that you get from babies. It can be pretty overwhelming if a huge bunch of it is used in your wedding party.

Lily of the valley

With such a unique name that discerns itself from other lilies, this flower has the shape of nodding cute small bells. Most of the flowers come in white, although sometimes, you can meet them in various light colors and there are also cultivars in that grow them in deep colors.


This is a very poisonous flower that should never be ingested by either humans or pets. The flower is completely safe when touched though and you should not be worried about being poisoned from direct contact. Keep away from children reach.


Another small flowers species that make great sidekicks and as main flower for your wedding bouquet. This flower comes in various colors, making it easy to mix and match with other flowers and your wedding theme. Best of all is that it is available all year-round.


The flower has no specific cons to mention. Due to its availability all year round, it makes great addition to your flower. However, because of its short stems and small flowers, it is is more often used as bridesmaid bouquet, rather than the bride’s.


The flower language of this is one that is dazzled by the eyes of his lover. The legend goes back to a coyote using a buttercup as the replacement of its eye. They are available on spring and looks great when mixed with a wide range of flowers, such as roses, with its wide range of colors availability.


Ranunculus isn’t cheap flower to start with, since it can cost as much as $8 or $9 a stem. Though, the flower is a very strong figure, making it easy to stand out even when used in a minimum number.