4 Things You Shouldn’t Do for Your Wedding Photography Surrey

wedding photography SurreyAfter you decide on the wedding photographer that you want for your event, you are probably thinking about what you should do with him. Sure, you hired him because you believe that he will do his best in providing wedding photography Surrey, but there are things you should and should not do.

We found out that among many couples and photographers, there are apparently several things going on that instead of helping photographers and themselves, are making more problems than necessary. You want to give your best, but there is a problem if this is how you do things!

1. Making a long shotlist

This is a torture for many wedding photographers. They want to know the things that you want to have pictures taken of, but not literally every single thing to be listed on a piece of paper. Photographers know that each couple has their own favorite or special moments that they want to have pictures taken more. But it’s not the same with listing 50-60 things to shoot in a single event.

You hired a professional photographer who knows the common sense of the things to take pictures of. Instead of shoving him with a long shotlist, make sure that you create a short note that will be easy to understand and brief your photographer on the morning of the wedding day.

2. Comparing to others

Wedding photographers don’t like to be compared to other photographers. They want you to hire them, but comparing them will not give you a discount or better service. Each of them is different in terms of style, approach, and skills. Each of them provides wedding photography Surrey service that will give different results when compared!

For example, if you hire from MrShutterbug Photography, you won’t be able to get the same results by hiring other photographers. Even if they are more expensive, you may end up thinking that MrShutterBug Photography did a better job on the pictures. This is because art is a subjective topic.

3. Leaving him alone

Don’t ever leave the wedding photographer alone and lost. They know that their job is to take pictures, but it’s not the same with just leaving them to do their things. Discuss and plan things with them. Make sure that you are telling them what you want to see in your wedding pictures and itinerary of the day. Plan when you will have your pictures taken, so you will enough of them by the end of the day.

Planning with the photographer will also help you arrange your day even better. Group pictures, for example, typically takes more time than you think and only your photographer can tell you how much is enough.

4. Trust in him!

The last thing you should do is to trust in the capabilities of the person you chose. Sure, you may have a lack of trust because many of these people are people that you’ve just known. But the last thing you can do to make sure that the pictures from your wedding photography Surrey will look good is to be yourself throughout the day.

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