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Professional Event Photography: 5 Steps to Master It

event photographyDoes thinking about taking pictures of the celebrities on the red carpet in Hollywood makes you shiver with excitement? Do you love you take pictures of special events that mean something to people and surprise them with your pictures? If so, that’s probably signs that you love event photography from the start. Now, the question is whether you can master it.

Obviously, loving something and dedicating yourself to it are two different things. Only by having both can you become a real professional in it!

1. Realize that it’s a long journey

You cannot become a professional in just a few months or even a year. A professional is called so when he’s able to capture pictures in various situations and manage to show the amazing sides of it. He also has to be able to focus on various aspects of the event and keep in mind the important key figures.

You need to have the determination that will keep you going for years to come. It’s not going to be a quick ride, but a lengthy one which you have to enjoy.

2. Set a goal

What’s your goal for your event photography career? As insignificant as you think you are, without a goal, you will not have the necessary motivation to work on yourself. One way you can do it is to tell yourself that you want to be able to take professional pictures like how some do. Even if it’s only 4 out of the 100 pictures you took, it’s a progress.

For example, you can try making event photography pictures by as goals. They have some of the best professional pictures that you will love to learn from.

3. Take up whatever job

There are people who will tell you to select your jobs from the start. The fact is that barely anyone will ever hire someone with zero experiences. You will have to find a job with whoever wants to hire you for their event. As small as the event is, it’s worth working on as you will get to spread your name and first real portfolios for your next job.

What do portfolios from one job mean? To be frank, it’s close to nothing unless your next client learns about you by word of mouth. So, for the beginning, just do whatever you get to do to get your name out there.

4. Narrow your specialization

But that does not mean you should just deal with every kind of event. As you aim for a professional career, start narrowing your job once you see that requests are increasing. This will help others to know what kind of a photographer you are. You will also get to do event photography in what you’re best with. Such as if you are good at capturing pictures that relate to dinner gala and the likes, you will want to find more jobs with it.

Realistically, though, you might not get to choose your job that easily, so it’s a flexible topic.

5. Stay on track!

It’s important to not get distracted and see how other photographers in their respective field seem more successful than you are. You cannot get to your goal through an instant route; determination, effort and time will reveal your answer soon enough if you don’t get distracted.

When to Entrust Photography SEO

photography SEOIf we can do it on our own, why hire someone else to do it? Well, that is sometimes the case for some people regarding photography SEO. But as opposed to how actual galleries work where people come and look at the pictures, the Internet is filled with billions of images and there’s only a small chance for them to end up on your site.


As a photographer, you are probably some of the best and talented ones. However, you probably don’t know how many others with similar and even better skills failed to continue their photography business. Improving your photography skills is important, but getting people to hire is the ultimate endgame result, isn’t it?

So, it’s time to start looking at your career as a businessman. What will you do if you cannot do everything at once by yourself? Or more exactly, when you cannot do everything as well equally? You hire someone capable for the job.

It’s better that you outsource, especially the IT part of the business, to someone who knows how to deal with it. SEO is a whole new world to explore and understand, although you still need to understand the basic of it. Because you still need to evaluate the result of those people’s job as well.

A professional company

The best way to do this is to find a renowned company. Important to note that you don’t just find the cheapest third-party service, because you will then waste your time on it. There’s a price for everything, and especially with photography SEO, we recommend giving a visit.

In this site, you will get a professional audit, marketing tips, WordPress lessons and most importantly, SEO tips and tricks. Check them out as soon as you can because there are so many useful tips and new update on everything about photography x WordPress.

Get the basic first

There is no need to go about buying the most popular plugins and galleries, taking the most expensive plan and subscriptions, hoping that they will boost your site somehow. You need to give everything time to read and understand. What is the function of this plan? How will this plugin boost my site’s SEO? What will happen to my site’s ranking?

Various plugins have different functions and as popular as they are, you need to understand how they work and how to configure one to work for you. Tap the wrong settings and you’re basically digging your own grave. Plug the wrong gallery and you’re making the people who love your pictures hate coming to your site.


It does take time just like how business is for everyone who is not used to it. However, it’s very important that the best thing you need to do isn’t to compete to get the first place in Google search, but to be exposed to as many people as possible. A lot of people who search for a suitable photographer will not consider only one or two but will look at a range of available photographers. If you increase your exposure, the possibility of people remembering you first will be high. This is just one example of photography SEO that you can learn.