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Wedding Photographer’s Most Annoying Moments

documentary wedding photographerWhat are some of the most annoying moments when working as a documentary wedding photographer? The job might have sounded dreamlike and every day, a wedding photographer is always faced with couples in love, beautiful venues, and happy occasions. But little did they know the hurdles and challenges even the most professional photographers have to every so often.

Clients thinking they’re too expensive

Well, there are people who just think that everything above $2,000 as really expensive. It’s not like we want to say that that is a small amount. However, that is also the truth about the true value of a professional photographer’s service. And truth to be told, there is even much more expensive photography service out there!

The photographer is always in the dark

Some photographers never know what’s going to happen in the party until it starts. It’s apparently, the results of the clients thinking that being a professional means they can always improvise to the situation. They only have one job: taking pictures. How hard can it be?

Easy for them to say. A photographer’s job often stretches really far from being a consultant to clients, a photographer to an album designer. To say that ‘creativity will solve them all’ is a bit stretching. It takes time and, obviously, if the client is eager enough to share more about themselves, will make things a lot easier.

‘That guy’s cheaper’

Well, that guy is not me and you definitely won’t get my kind of pictures from him. The price of a photographer shouldn’t be flattened like that. Creativity isn’t something that you can measure and is actually very different from one individual to another. There’s no telling who’s better in general, but in your opinion, it could be different. is the site of a documentary wedding photographer and we can say in general that the pictures look amazing. But for each of us, the best piece can be different. Just like that, clients shouldn’t have tried to convince us by saying they got a cheaper offer. It’s simply irking.

Everybody’s a photographer

As a photographer that wishes to capture the beauty of a wedding with all its joy in it, technology is your biggest advantage and annoyance at the same time. No one appreciates it when a woman is seen taking out her phone to take pictures of the bride at the corner of the picture. Nor does it feel vintage when a guy is scrolling through his Facebook page right in front of you.

Technology is the biggest hindrance especially when the bride and groom finish their vows. Everyone seems to race to the frontline to get the best shots just to be uploaded to their social media pages. Well, the couples paid you to get the pictures, but it just doesn’t seem right to shoo them.

‘Okay, so here’s how you should work…’

No, thanks. If you’re going to hire a professional, you need to really treat him like one. A documentary wedding photographer will truly appreciate it when they are not dictated by how they should work. It’s part of their job and also the reason they are thriving to this day.

A client is always best to support their photographer by providing information. They can put it requests, but not order the photographer how to execute the job.

3 Things Wedding Photographers Should Remember About Lighting

wedding photography CornwallLight is the most important factor in every type of photography. In wedding photography Cornwall, it’s also a factor that you cannot alter much. The weather can change at any time and you’re not allowed to postpone your session. You need to make use of the situation and try to take the best pictures of it.

Everything doesn’t have to be bright

The first rule you need to remember is that just because it’s dark, doesn’t mean you have to bring a giant light to the stage. Through the dark environment, you can see through your own eyes that there’s beauty in it. The power of the camera is to take still pictures of the condition. It’s not that the pictures will turn out ugly. We just don’t know how to see the beauty through it like we do with our own eyes.

Go against the source of light to create silhouette pictures. Sunset is a condition that makes this most possible to do. Dark, seemingly-alive shadows are great subjects to be taken and even the couples themselves can feel the magic reverberating from it.

On the other hand, you can light just a part of the couple to take the pictures. A romantic scene is also often the ones when things are obscure, but you can clearly see two individuals being up close.

Shelter from it

If the light is too bright on you, sheltering yourself is also a good plan. It makes the whole session more bearable and you also don’t have to deal with the horrible lighting all the time. Hiding is also part of the strategy. You can get some great ideas from wedding photography Cornwall by

Sheltering can also be used as a pose. Like how the bride can shelter behind her big, bulky groom from the bright sunlight and prevents her from squinting. It’s a way to keep the couple’s expressions natural and still be bathed in the bright sunlight. Make use of reflectors and flash to fill in horrible shadows when the light shines.

Back shots also work well in this situation. The sunlight will create a golden outline on the subject, creating a beautiful, shining effect on the individual. What kind bride won’t fall in love with that?

Light is never your enemy

Remember that no matter how little light there is, it’s never your enemy. It’s up to how you perceive and works with it. There’s beauty that only the dark can show and clearly seen in the light. Every other source of light in the dark becomes very clear, making light painting for example, easier to see. This opens to a whole new world where you can draw various things this way.

When light is exceptionally strong, they can create a golden-ish feel to the surrounding, such as during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset. They also help you capture clear images of the venue and the location, making it easy to move quickly and capture things as they happen.

Your wedding photography Cornwall will surely be better if you are able to view light as something that always gives way to different ideas and results to each couple.