Why you Need to Consider Props as a Wedding Photographer

Bring fresh perspective

wedding photography tipsA creative approach to  wedding photography is for you to go ahead and introduce the concept of  using props during the  wedding photography shoot. You need to make sure that as a  wedding photographer, you will be able to always bring a fresh perspective in what you are trying to accomplish during the photo shoot.  You need to make sure that you will be able to constantly push the envelop when it comes to the inputs that you are bringing into the photos that you are taking as a professional  wedding photographer. Props are something that bring in something different and something that is basically outside of the box and this is something that can really turn out looking unique and interesting to the photos.

Search for props

The internet is quite rich and overflowing with different tips about coming up with some props for the  wedding photography shoot. All that it will really require from you is a little bit of research, a few basic office supplies, and a whole lot of creativity in order for you to be able to pull things off the right way during the  wedding photography shoot. Try to hit up some searches for props that you can use during the  wedding photography shoot and you will surely be able to come up with a lot of interesting and innovative ideas when it all comes down to it. It is an option that you should never pass up on as a  wedding photographer because it ultimately means that each and every  wedding photography project that you will get to work on will be something unique and refreshing. These are the kinds of efforts that the ride and groom will really be able to appreciate from you and that is why you should really go out of your way to get things checked out one way or the other as a professional  wedding photographer.

Think of a theme

When you are in the process of planning out the props that you will be using for your  wedding photography shoot, you need to think about the kind of theme that the wedding has as well. This is so that you will be able to make sure that whatever you will end up coming up with is something that will be in line with whatever the theme will be or with whatever may turn out to be appropriate for the color scheme, the décor, and with the rest of all of the other elements that come along with the setup of the entire wedding event from the venue to the design of the clothes of the entourage, to the kind of theme that the couple would like to pull off, and so on and so forth.

Props aren’t really all that hard to come up with.

Most of the  wedding photography props are things that you will be able to design and craft in nothing more than half an hour or so. At the end of the day, it won’t really cost you too much as a  wedding photographer and it is definitely worth considering as a  Lincolnshire wedding photographer

How a Wedding Photographer Can Stay Calm

wedding photography tipsAs a new wedding photographer, it is quite understandable if you are not feeling 100% confident about yourself and about what you can do professionally. Although you are still trying to figure things out one way or the other and although you are still trying to more or less get a handle on things, it doesn’t mean that your clients need to know about it as well. Sometimes, the best way of getting a job done right when you are new to it would be to employ good acting skills at first. Coming off all nervous and flustered is not something that will help you out one bit.

Stay as calm as you possibly can.

Try to rest easy in the fact that you went ahead and prepared for things to the best of your capacity. Draw up some kind of a plan or some kind of an itinerary and attempt to always keep yourself in check when it all comes down to it. You might find yourself segueing every now and then depending on the turn of events but you can always go right back on track for as long as you have an itinerary drafted up and planned out well ahead of time.

Prepare stuff properly.

Sometimes, the only thing setting the professional  wedding photographers apart from the amateurs in the industry is the element of really being able to properly prepare for stuff one way or the other. List down the things that you need to do or accomplish as a  wedding photographer during the  wedding photography shoot and tick things off as you go along. A visual representation of your tasks is the best way for you to keep things organized and planned out well at the end of the day and you should try to go ahead and follow through on things to the best of your capabilities.

Slow down your breathing.

If you are feeling nervous and you don’t really know how to put a handle on things, try to just stop short and focus your energies on slowing down your breathing. Taking long and deep breaths can actually help you visibly calm down, both from the outside and from the inside. Try to count down your breathing. This will more or less help keep your mind off of the fact that you are scared and nervous and will give you something to actually measure and analyze over the period of time that you are trying to calm yourself down. Sure, being a professional  wedding photographer can be nerve wracking but it doesn’t have to show and you really don’t have to give yourself away when it all comes down to it.

Minimize your talking.

If you are nervous, you tend to blurt things out without really thinking to make up for what you are feeling deep down and that will not always be a good thing. You might end up saying awkward things or things that will be deemed inappropriate. You don’t want that kind of trouble for yourself as a Los Angeles wedding photographer.

Outsourcing Tips for a Wedding Photographer

wedding photography tipsWhen you are in the aspect of outsourcing or delegating tasks to other people as a wedding photographer, then you already know right out that you are already starting to expand your business and your career. Your time is your most precious commodity. When you outsource, you are freeing up so much of your time and of your efforts that it will almost always be worth it every single time. That is what you should be looking forward to when it all comes down to it and that is what you should be checking out at the end of the day. There are a few things that you should try to observe when you are offering out jobs to outsourcers or when you are trying to work with them all throughout the time that you are running your career as a professional wedding photographer as well.

The first thing that you need to take note of and remind yourself of time and time again is the fact that they are not you.

More often than not, these outsourcers will not have the same kind of education background or formal photography training you may have had experienced in the past. They will not have the same solid experience and knowledge that you have in what you do or in your craft which means that they may not always end up doing things as fast or as efficiently as you would like them to do so. Have a little patience and have a little faith. Each and every person out there has his own challenges to face and has his own learning curves to check out. Try to show them how it’s done several times and then allow them to get the hang of things. Don’t spend all day trying to breathe down their necks. Make it a point to just look out for the final finished quality of their work. It will help them take a lot of pressure off and they might even work better knowing that you are not scrutinizing them the entire time that they are working on what they need to work on.

Treat them with respect.

Although outsourcers are technically working for you and although they are being paid by you, this does not give you the license to shout at them or to disrespect them in any way, shape or form. If you have worked under a boss in the past, try to imagine how you would like to be treated by that boss and try to live by that code of respect and understanding as much as possible. Respect begets respect, after all. You cannot force someone to respect you just because you are the one shelling out his salary. When you come to think about it, it is something that he has worked really hard for. He does not owe it to you. You are basically transacting based off of an exchange of commodities. His services for your money. Treat it like a business transaction and make it a point to always act professional no matter what happens.

How a Wedding Photographer Can Slip Under The Radar

Go unnoticed.

wedding photography tipsGoing by unnoticed all throughout the wedding events that you are shooting is one of the most useful and important skills that you will ever get to learn as a wedding photographer. You haven’t started to use or learn about this skill just yet, you should start today because it will serve you well all throughout your career. You don’t have to be invisible per se because that would be physically impossible to attain when it all comes down to it but you need to be able to attain some level of anonymity one way or the other in order for you to become a successful wedding photographer hampshire.

The thing is, when people are all too aware of your presence, the photos that you get to capture of them do not come off as authentic and as natural as you would like them to and that can turn out to be a real issue especially when you are trying to tap into the documentary side of things. Candid shots really do take the cake in wedding photography and the trick has always been in being able to capture the candid photos beautifully instead of just some random gibberish that anyone would have been capable to bring together.

Blend in the crowd.

One trick that will get you to blend in the crowd and not stand out too much as a wedding photographer would be to minimize the equipment that you are carrying around with you. If it is something that you can technically do without in the meantime, then lose it. You really don’t have to end up carrying all that clunky stuff around if you don’t have to. There will be particular instances during the wedding wherein you might need to set up a tripod especially when you need something to get you out of a tricky lighting situation but all throughout the rest of the time that you don’t absolutely have to, make do with a DSLR strap one way or the other.

Bring a handy and a practical camera bag around with you so that you have easy access to the lenses and memory cards and extra batteries that you need while you are going around and taking your shots. People won’t notice you that much if you aren’t looking too bulky.

Make use of natural light every chance you get.

Natural light is every wedding photographer’s best friend. It takes next to nothing to set up and work with and more than that, it does not attract attention to yourself when you are capturing the photos during the wedding. Candid shots are impossible to take in artificial light so natural light really is your best bet when it comes to capturing them in the first place.

Learn how to take a break every now and then as well.

Take the time to capture inanimate subjects for your photos just so that you can give people a break. They get to relax and breathe a little knowing that the camera isn’t aimed at them all of the time.

Tips for Every Portrait Photographer

wedding photography tipsBeing a portrait photographer means that you are not cornered or trapped off to just one niche in professional photography. As a matter of fact, when you look at things a little more closely, you will eventually realize that almost all of the different legs of photography out there actually have a segment or two for portrait photography. This means that even if you have no intentions to actually be one, you still are, in a sense or so, every bit a professional portrait photographer and you might as well embrace it and make sure that you are always able to bring your strong portrait game on every single time.

Although the aspect of taking portrait shots may sound simple enough in the beginning, you will eventually see that it actually comes with an entire slew of challenges that you will need quick fixes for when you are in the actual situation of getting the portrait shots taken. A few basics every now and then as well as all of the right foundations for portrait taking can really go a long way for a new portrait photographer and it can help you achieve everything that you would like to go ahead and achieve in the process.

It does not always have to be in the same setting.

When you are taking portraits of people, keep in mind that it does not always have to be in the same setting or in the same place. People are always under the mindset that a portrait photographer always works in his studio. And although that may oftentimes be the case, it does not always have to be like that. As a portrait photographer, you should always keep in mind of the things that make your subjects feel more at ease or comfortable in. Talk to the people that you are working with. If they say right out that they’re not comfortable in a studio kind of setting, perhaps you should be a little more flexible with how you work things out.

Talk to them about the locations that they will otherwise feel more comfortable being shot in.

Some subjects are more comfortable with getting their portraits taken in the work place while some prefer to be at home. Whatever their preferences may be, you need to keep in mind that you need to stay flexible and adaptable as a professional portrait photographer. Go out of your way to make your subjects feel more comfortable because it is something that they can really more or less take with them when you are shooting their portraits at the end of the day.

Always aim to over expose the portraits that you are taking.

Over exposure is the process of making the background a little brighter than usual. This brings the focus on the center of the portrait shots which will more or less bring out the highlights of the subject’s features even more. This is a trick every portrait photographer London out there should know about because it brings in impact and drama on the portrait shots that are being taken at the end of the day.

How a Wedding Photographer Can Fix the Issue with Improper Focus

wedding photographyA tip that you should take note of when it comes to taking great and crisp looking pictures whenever you have weddings to cover as a wedding photographer is to get your focus game down pat. Believe it or not, sharpness issues are far more common than you would think. A wedding photographer would usually have about 8-10% of his photos  have some kind of issue with clarity at some point or so. Even the really seasoned wedding photographers Los Angeles out there come across this issue as well every now and then. The main culprit of blurred photos or photos that don’t really come out as sharp as you would like them to is when the wedding photographer is not really that exact with his focusing.

Put focus on the eyes..

A basic and fundamental trick that you should apply all of the time is to attempt to put the focus on the eyes of the subject all of the time. This will stabilize the camera sensor the moment that you click the button and go in for that sharp shot. This is for cameras that automatically set the focus. However, the less high end cameras tend to come in with certain requirements. As a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that you get to learn how to manually focus the point of the camera as well. Read up on it as much as you can. There are so many photography courses and workshops out there that will teach you a thing or to about that. If not, the internet is always a treasure trove of knowledge and info for as long as you know what you are looking for and how to look it up.

Avoid recomposing frequently.

Another common cause of improper focusing that every wedding photographer is usually guilty of is the method of constantly recomposing the scene before finalizing the shot. This can be quite common especially when you are shooting landscapes, buildings, or inanimate objects wherein you don’t really have eyes that you can use as your focus points for the composition of your shots. This is the aspect of the wedding photographer holding the shutter button down only halfway and not all the way and then he proceeds to recompose the focus point because it is a bit unstable. The moment that he goes in to push the shutter button all the way down, when the finger slips a little, it causes the camera to shake or vibrate a little bit and it can take everything off focus. This causes pictures that look dull and at times just down right dull. This is unacceptable for your clients if you are a professional wedding photographer and that is why you need to be painfully aware of this all of the time.

Invest in a tripod

You can fix this improper focus issue by making sure that you don’t upset the equilibrium or the balance of the camera all throughout the time that you are taking your shots. Invest in a tripod if you have particularly shaky hands so that you at least get some kind of assistance in stabilizing your camera when it all comes down to it.

Super Easy Ways To Learn Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsGet a second shooter no matter what.

This really is not a point of discussion for the experts in wedding photography to mull over. This is an absolute requirement, regardless of what you may initially think and regardless of how you may try to rationalize it one way or the other. A second shooter is someone who will be able to help you cover enough ground for as far as the wedding photography event is concerned and that is something that you should always prepare for. The reason why this can be a bit of an issue for a lot of new wedding photographers who are just starting out in the industry is the fact that hiring out a professional second wedding photographer is technically something that costs a lot of money. And the end of the day, that is not the kind of luxury that a lot of people new to wedding photography can afford.

The good thing about all of this though is the fact that you do not always have to break the bank when it comes to the aspect of having to hire out a second shooter. There is a cheap way to go about with it. Reach out to people new to the wedding photography community in your area and let them know that you are willing to exchange services as second shooter. There is a pretty good chance that at some point or so, these people are also having the same problems that you are when it comes to the second shooter costs.

Do not allow yourself to ever run out of memory space or batteries during your wedding photography shoot.

This is one of the most inexcusable mistakes that you can ever commit as a newcomer in the wedding photography industry. Little mistakes like these can really amount to a lot. They will get to say a lot about you and about how you prepare for things when you are prepping up for a wedding event. You need to make sure that you are able to bring in more than enough memory cards that you could ever need. You should go through the routine of always maintaining your memory cards. Wipe them clean before any event to make sure that they are in tiptop condition all of the time. Memory cards tend to malfunction and they tend to get files corrupted when they are not maintained the right way. Buy at least two extra batteries per camera and make sure that they are fully charged before the event. Throw in a charger and an AC adapter just in case.

Move your feet and be as unobtrusive as you possibly can.

Like wedding photographer Cardiff, you have to learn the art of invisibility and make sure that you are able to really get out of people’s way while you are covering the event. Move around a lot so that you will be able to get a variety of perspectives and angles. People do not like to have cameras all up in their faces all of the time. You will see that they will start to relax and they will start to have really authentic and natural look on their faces once they are not under the punishing scrutiny of the camera.

The Art Of Baby Photography

baby photographySchedule the baby photography shoot during the morning.

Mornings are the best times of the day for you to be able to schedule your baby photography session. The reason behind this is pretty self explanatory and pretty understandable, even from the standpoint of someone who is not yet a parent. During the mornings, babies are usually less prone to tantrums or bouts of crying because they are more or less relaxed. They have just woken up from a good night’s sleep. They have just been recently bathed so they feel refreshed and relaxed. They have also just been recently fed so that are full and they are not irritable in any way, shape or form. This will allow you two hours or so of uninterrupted baby photography bliss while you shoot or film away and they will be more than happy to oblige.

You need to make sure that you are able to work fast though because they can change their disposition in the blink of an eye and without so much more than just a moment’s notice. Try to take advantage of the continuous shooting mode option in your camera to make sure that you get to have all of the frames that you could possibly need. Every single yawn, blink, laughter, smile, and so on and so forth is precious and fleeting and being able to document them will be highly appreciated by the parents in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Veer away from artificial lighting.

Babies are extremely sensitive to light. After all, they have lived in the past nine months being ensconced in the darkness inside their mother’s womb so it is pretty understandable. You will need to go out of your way to make sure that you get to maximize the use of natural light as much as possible. Position the baby outdoors or near window, if the options are readily available to you. Harsh fluorescent lighting or the blinding flash coming from the camera can really agitate a baby and considering the fact that your photo shoot session is already limited enough as it is, using harsh artificial lighting will only get to cut it short all the more. If you really have no other option because the studio is closed shut, you can opt for gentler and more ambient lighting instead.

Make the photo shoot area visually stimulating yet comforting at the same time.

Make sure that you set everything up well in advance, including the photo shoot area. You will need to make it visually appealing to the baby and make sure that he stays toasty as well all throughout the duration of the baby photography session so that you will be able to maximize the amount of time that you are being given.

Include the parents all throughout the process.

Have the parents sign off during the baby photography shoot as often as you possibly can. Have them quickly look over the shots and ask for affirmation whether or not they are satisfied with the shots that you were able to take. This will save you a lot of headache in the long run.

The Deal With Documentary Wedding Photography

Go through the motions of knowing the bride and groom. wedding photography tips

Documentary wedding photography is all about portraying the bride and groom in a more personal and natural light. That is something that can turn out to be very difficult to do if you do not actually exert the effort to really get to know them. Arrange a meeting with them and try to get to know them a little bit more. Ask them what they expect from the documentary wedding photography service that you will be providing for them. Ask them if they have taken up inspirations from other wedding projects they may have seen in the past or they may have seen online at some point in time. Ask them what they think would be really ideal for the coverage.

Learn about their expectations ahead of time and make sure that you are able to manage those said expectations and leave no stone unturned. Discuss anything and everything related to the photography service that you will be providing them and make sure that you are pretty much on the same page with then when it comes to number of hours to be rendered, number of images in digital format, number of prints, special photo shoot sessions to be scheduled such as the engagement shoot and the bridals, and so on and so forth. They need to be at ease with you and feel comfortable being photographed by you so that you can get the most authentic looking pictures possible. A practice shoot is usually a pretty good idea if this is something that you may be a little concerned with at some point.

Be on the move but stay out of the way.

You need to put in some kind of variety in the angles that you are taking in order for you to make your photos look interesting and diverse. In order for you to be able to achieve something like this, make sure that you are able to move around a lot. Do not be shy or too timid to run from one place to another if it means that you will be able to position yourself ahead of time and really get that perfect shot. Wear comfortable shoes that will serve you well in all those hours of endless walking and running (yes, you will be doing a lot of those to the point wherein you will at times feel like it is endless but it will all be worth it in the end). Also make sure that you are able to bring a tripod along with you for those low and high angles that are next to impossible to get if you are just holding your camera by hand. Tripods are also perfect for a documentary wedding photographer to use when shooting in low light settings so it serves more than just one purpose at the end of the day.

Master the use of varying lenses.

Change up the lenses every once in a while depending on the kind of effect that you are going for in the picture that you are taking. Most wedding photographers usually mount a different kind of lens on the second camera and shift back and forth in between cameras. The transition is smoother and the process is faster that way.

How To Tackle Wedding Photography Like A Pro

wedding photographyKeep your nerves down as much as possible during the wedding photography shoot.

Things in wedding photography can turn crazy in a moment’s notice and things even magnify all the more during the actual wedding day. This is something that you will need to prepare mentally for. Make sure that you are able to condition yourself all to face any kinds of challenges that you may come across with at some point or so. One of the biggest hurdles that you will probably have to face would be your own nervousness. This is particularly common for people who are quite new to the industry and you should not beat yourself up so much over it. You will need to make sure that you are able to work on your nerves though. Take a few minutes really come yourself down and really pace yourself. Make sure that you do not give off any nervous and jittery vibes. This is something that can technically reverberate with the bride as well. At the end of the day, that is not the kind of pressure that the bride would have to deal with. Stay calm, cool, and collected and make sure that you are able to be a bastion of strength for the bride and groom, but mainly for the bride. Be rest assured in the fact that you have planned well and prepared well to face the challenges ahead of you.

Familiarize yourself with the religious practices that the bride and groom are adhering to before the actual wedding photography event.

There will always be other cultures and religions out there. That is basically the beauty that the world has to offer. If you fail to appreciate the beauty and value that diversity brings in, then there is a pretty good chance that you are also missing out on the truly meaningful things in life. You should not allow yourself to be held back by your own views on religion and culture. Just like this photographer reading, you should keep an open mind and an open heart when it comes to things like these. You should learn how to segregate things and that is exactly what you should do when it comes to your personal beliefs and the beliefs of the people who might hire you for your services sometime in the future. You should be like a chameleon who can adapt to whatever situation being thrown at him because when it all comes down to it, if you end up being choosy with the wedding photography projects that you take up, you will not thrive in this particular niche.

Learn how to master the use of natural light.

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to the aspect of working with weddings in general. This is because of the fact that most weddings are held during the day and only a few selected ones are held during low light settings such as during sunsets and during night time. Bring your camera with you every day and try to practice as frequently as you possibly can.

Newborn Photography Props To Work With

Wrapsnewborn photography

Start off with wraps. Newborn photography is all about making sure that you are able to make really great use of props. If this is something that you are quite new with at some point or so, then what you need to understand is the fact that there are a few things that you will need to check out at some point or so. The best newborn photography prop for you to start with would have to be the wraps. Wraps are awesome because they are the most basic of props to start out with. Newborn babies are actually not quite that used yet to the feeling of being in the outside world. At some point or so, they still think that they are still in their mother’s wombs. Wraps work great in making newborn babies feel secure and comfortable. Make it a point to remember to wrap up their hands and their feet in particular. The best material to go with is something that is made out of gauze. Gauze is soft to the touch and something that is fairly easy to wash as well. This is something that you should consider all of the time because you will end up washing it after every single time you use it.


Invest in an assortment of blankets. Blankets are really awesome to invest in as newborn photography props because of the fact that they are all so fairly easy to get. They also come quite cheap. What you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for blankets is that you should go for materials that are soft to the touch. Newborn babies are quite sensitive and their skin can more or less chafe pretty easily. This is something that you should remember all of the time. Try to go for something that has a plain color. Do not go for anything too bold or too distracting. Go for something that is fairly plain and neutral. You will be able to pair it up quite easily with a bunch of other newborn photography accessories as well.

Faux furs

Get a lot of faux furs. Faux furs are also pretty awesome and pretty interesting to invest in. They are very soft to the touch. The texture that they come with is very rich and very comforting. They make for really great flooring and they also make for great fillers as well for when you are placing the newborn baby in blankets, crates, and so on and so forth. Faux furs are also something that you can purchase for really cheap prices. Our Raleigh newborn photographer loves using faux furs. Most of them out there are sold by the yard and it will not cost you too much to get them in bulk should you find the need for it. They come with a lot of colors and designs and something that you should seriously consider to be a part of your newborn photography prop box.

Baskets and crates

Work with baskets and crates. Baskets and crates are awesome to place the baby in. They bring in something rustic and almost vintage.

Food Photography Tips: Make Your Food The Star

Use a white plate for the presentation food photography tips

In food photography, presentation can really make or break the photos that you will eventually be able to produce. That is the main reason why it is very important for you to make sure that you get to start things right one way or the other. A white plate is the most neutral and the most classic base for you to be able to showcase your food in. It does not provide any kind of distraction so you are quite rest assured in the fact that your food will come out looking like the star that it really is in your food photography session. This is also the main reason why restaurants, caterers, and other professional food servers out there prefer the classic white plate over pretty much anything else.

It can show the food off as it is without making it all look too busy and distracting. This should also be your kind of preference for your food photography project. On top of that, white plates also tend to work extremely well with back light, which is the usual lighting of choice for food photography in general.

Keep the plate clean at all times

If there is one thing that you should seriously learn from the food stylists out there, it would have to be the fact that presentation is one of the most tedious and the most meticulous art forms out there. Although it would be going overboard to advise you to arrange the food that you are taking photos of with tweezers at some point or so, you should at least exert enough efforts to make sure that you go well out of your way to make sure that they sides of the plate looks clean and free from any sauce stains or spillages of any kind. Having stains on the sides of the plate makes the food look unappetizing and more than that, it takes the attention away from the food altogether. Sure, you can just photoshop it out of the picture during the post shoot processing but when it all comes down to it, why go through all of that trouble when you can pretty much correct things right then and there? Don’t be lazy. Grab a napkin or so and give your plate a good swipe before you set up to take photos of the food.

Showcase the fresh side of things

Food is a science as well as an art form but if there is something that you will need to manage your expectations with well ahead of time for as far as food photography is concerned, it would have to be the fact that perfection is next to impossible. You can opt for the second best thing though and aim for near-perfect aesthetics. Focus on the angle of the plate that tends to make the food come out looking fresher than ever. You may even go through the extends of giving the fruit or vegetable skin a quick brush of olive oil to make it glisten a little and make it look a little more camera friendly at the end of the day.

Fall In Love With Wedding Photographer Tricks

Be on your feet and stay alert for the unexpected moments.wedding photography

As a wedding photographer lancashire, one of the challenges when it comes to wedding photography is the fact that you will need to move around a lot while you are covering a wedding photography gig. You will be walking way more than you ever think you will but that is a good thing. Walking around means that you are able to change up your angles every now and then and what that means is that you will be getting a lot of great images at the end of the day. Always watch out for those moments that stand out of the usual or stand out of the ordinary. You need to widen up your peripheral view as much as possible and see things as they are about to happen at some point or so. This is not the easiest thing to do when it all comes down to it but it is something that you will be able to more or less achieve with the right kind of focus. You will see that you will eventually get better and better at this in time so try to practice as much as you possibly can and try to get as much experience as possible as well.

Let the kids be kids.

Although it is quite true that you should stick or hold on to structure as a wedding photographer, you should also make sure that you allow a little bit of spontaneity every now and then. Le the kids play around a little and let them be themselves, even if it is not technically part of your repertoire as a wedding photographer. You will be surprised at how adorable and interesting things will get to turn out once you are at the post shoot production phase of your photographs. They might play around a little and might be a bit too boisterous for your taste at times but this is something that you will need to be patient with. Instead, take this as a bit of a breather and relax a little bit and try to document the best moments in the best way that you possibly can , when it all comes down to it.

Bring a white sheet for the bride.

There will be a lot of instances wherein you will need to pose the bride and the groom in areas that may prove to be a wee bit too risky for the all white bridal dress. This holds particularly true when you are shooting in outdoor settings. The bride will naturally have some anxieties doing the poses that you are asking for when it risks ruining her bridal dress. What you can do is to make sure that you bring a white sheet along. It can be made out of any material available but the wise choice would be to go for something that is fairly weather proof, such as tarpaulin. The white sheet is just there for the bride and the groom to step on so that they have something that will protect their clothes from freshly cut grass, mud, and so on and so forth.

Common Tripod Mistakes Wedding Photographers Commit

tripod mistakesPurchasing flimsy tripod

Most wedding photographers make the mistake of investing in a flimsy tripod due to the fact that when they are starting out, they are usually strapped for cash more often than not. If this is something that you find yourself stuck in at some point, what you need to understand well ahead of time is the fact that penny pinching at this point will not do anything for you and for the onset of your career as a professional wedding photographer London one way or the other. If you are a bit strapped for cash to get yourself a high quality and sturdy tripod as a part of your wedding photography gear collection, then you might as well wait it out until you are able to pool enough funds for you to make that one great tripod buy. If you have a wedding photography gig right before you are able to make that buy for a tripod, then try to ask around from your fellow photography friends if it would be possible for you to borrow or at least rent one out because the point of the matter is that you will need a tripod, period.

Leaving tripod behind

Another tripod mistake that wedding photographers make is that they leave the tripod behind at home, thinking that they might never need it during the wedding photography coverage. Again, we go back to the fact that when it all comes down to it, you will need a tripod for your wedding photography gigs. There is nothing worse than having a perfectly great and high quality tripod for your camera then deciding to just ditch it at the very last minute just because you had a hunch (an incorrect one) that you will not need it at all. If you think that the tripod will be too bulky for you to technically bring around during the actual wedding event, then just go for something that is built for easy transport instead. This is something that can technically cost something a little more than the usual, it is something that will be worth every additional dollar.

Reaching center column first

A lot of wedding photographers also go through the all too common blunder of reaching for the center column of the tripod first the first instance that they need some sort of elevation for their camera angle. More often than not, you will find out that there will be times wherein you will require some kind of elevation for your camera angle. The center column of your tripod is technically the weakest possible part in a tripod device. If you need some kind of elevation, it should not be the very first thing that you should reach for to adjust. You should seriously work on extending the legs of the tripod first before touching the center column at all. If you have gotten all of the elevation that you could possibly get out of the legs of the tripod, that should be the only time that you proceed to touching the center column of the tripod. It is one of the trickiest things to balance so proceed with caution as much as possible.

When Starting a Wedding Photography Business

Create a blog to help you kick things off. wedding photography tips

Contrary to the common notion out there about wedding photography, the blog is not actually a part of the service package even if it is technically perceived like so by your current clients. The material the blog should be made out of is the wedding event that has just recently been covered and clients tend to be appreciative when they get featured like that but the blog is not for them. The blog is primarily a marketing tool intended to bring in new and future clients one way or the other. The aim is to show the said clients that you are quite capable to cover a wedding event from the beginning until the end. This is also the perfect avenue for you to show the techniques and photography styles you use or impose on the images that you take. Keep this in mind when you are writing up your blog entries and you should be just fine.

Prepare a second camera body by all means.

This will serve as your insurance for when something happens to your main or primary camera. This is actually something that a lot of new wedding photographers tend to really struggle with one way or the other. Money seems to be a bit of an issue for those who have just purchased their expensive primary equipment and lenses. A second camera will seem daunting and almost next to impossible because everything just costs so much. However, getting a second camera is actually not optional. One solution that can get you out of this predicament without eventually leading you to break the bank would be for you to borrow that second camera from your fellow photographer friends out there. There are also places that will let you rent out a camera for a fairly reasonable price. You will be thankful that you brought a second camera along in case your main one breaks down while you are in the middle of shooting a wedding event.

You will also need a second shooter to help you cover wedding photography events.

Weddings are really big events that require a lot of hours and a lot of groundwork in order for you to be able to cover them thoroughly and efficiently. A second shooter in place will take care of all of those other miscellaneous and “in the moment” shots that you are most likely to miss because of the fact that you are tremendously focused on the relatively important task of following through on the items in your must have checklist. Again, this is a bit of a problem for fairly new wedding photographers because it costs money to more or less hire a second man out. One cheap solution that you can opt for would be for you to send an email out to all of the new Dundee wedding photographers in your geographic area and give them an ex deal offer. You will be the second shooter in their wedding gigs and in exchange, they will have to be the second shooter in the wedding photography jobs that you get to book. This is an agreement that can be mutually beneficial for both parties and at no out of pocket costs at all.